Friday, 31 August 2012

Skyrim: new Hearthfire DLC

More DLC for the second best game of all time? Yes please! Skyrim Hearthfire looks a lot like Bethesda has looked at The Sims or Minecraft and gone "Yes. We need some of that in Skyrim. Make it done." This 400 MSP pack comes with the ability to buy a plot of land, get materials and then build your own home which you then maintain and add with furnishings and more and more rooms... Wow.

When I first saw rumours of this a few weeks back, I thought it was going to be a rip off and that I wouldn't need it. Then I saw the trailer... Yeah, it looks awesome with making your own rooms, being able to use fallen foes as trophies... And there's mounted mud-crabs obviously.

I hope the way it's laid out onto the controller makes it easy to make majestic houses and I do yearn for something in Skyrim to be glitch-free... Hopefully, this can deliver and rival The Sims in house making.

And if not? It's only 400 MSP.


Trailer -

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