Thursday, 30 August 2012

Cool YouTube Users: OfficialNerdCubed

I initially found this YouTube channel when I was searching for Bully (video game made by RockStar) and I found a "Let's Play" by Nerd³. Needless to say, I was quite hooked just with that first video. Featuring the leader of the Procrastinators (the subscribers are the Procrastinators :S) he basically just does Let's Plays of various games. Of course, the person that plays the game has to be entertaining in his commentary and our leader is, indeed, very funny. Maybe it's because he gives out tonnes of random British culture references (he's British, funnily enough) but his humour is certain to cause anything from a giggle to ROFL or even get to the point of LMAO, though I'm quite sure that doesn't happen in real life... quite sure.

The video games he picks are also part of the entertainment. Games played include AAA titles such as Sleeping Dogs, Spec Ops: The Line and LA Noire, hints at his childhood with Hard Time, Robot Wars and I Wanna Be The Guy: Gaiden and just random fun games such as Sims 3, Red Faction: Guerrilla and Spore. There's also a kind-of obsession with simulators with Bus, Garbage Truck and Farming simulators... Boring games there but our leader is great at making them entertaining by failing miserably, speeding and parking a tractor on top of a car! Hilarity ensures.

I am quite a new Procrastinator and I haven't even watched a quarter of his videos but, when I get the time, I really do hope to; he makes any game have personality and fun. Except Tom Clancy: H.A.W.K 2... That game didn't deserve it apparently xD

Oh and below my user name is my favourite Let's Play by NerdCubed; it's nearly 50 minutes of pure laughter.


Nerd³ Plays... London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games -

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