Friday, 20 April 2012

Skyrim Demographics

According to Bethesda, it is rare for people to spend less than 80 hours playing Skyrim. I've been playing Skyrim since the day after it came out and I have 350+ hours playing such a great game. It's not really suprising that this is the case as it takes 80 hours just to complete the main story and a few side quests... Then there's wanting to finish everything, making different types of characters and getting all the achievements/trophies.

There's also Skyrim DLC on the horizon to try and further that game time even further. Personally, I would like to see different types of dungeons (rather than just the generic daedric dungeon that's great the first 100 times but gets annoying after that) and more weapons too; different types of arrows would be good and there's even talk to spears! Make it happen, Bethesda.


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