Thursday, 19 July 2012


I never liked Pokémon cards... I just didn't get round to collecting them as I was always surrounded by people who adored Yu-Gi-Oh and so (as with most things) I followed suit and became a collector of the other side of useless tat that was trading cards. Still, my cousin (who still loves it now) was the first to bring Pokémon video games to my attention with Pokémon Fire Red on Gameboy Advance capturing my thoughts on a holiday to Turkey; needless to say, as soon as I got back home I got myself a copy. I must have played several hundred hours on it, collecting all the Pokémon and trading for the ones that only Leaf Green had; I was obsessed as was most of the generation.

From then on, each new Pokémon game was quickly purchased upon release from Fire Red to Emerald to Diamond to Soul Silver, with Diamond being one of the most noteworthy due to the contrast of moving the franchise to 3D on the DS. The reason I give you this background information is due to the arrival of Pokémon White on DS that came today in the post from Amazon. I haven't played it yet (due to it's sole purpose of keeping me entertained on holiday) yet I hope to enjoy it as fully as I have with the other games on the same handheld console - my trusty first generation DS which will be celebrating it's 7th birthday as I celebrate my 17th... I can't believe it's survived thus far, to be quite honest.

I just look forward to the long, potentially boring, stretches of time that make up sitting next to the pool, travelling in hired cars and watching the adults play cards, and the moment of my DS being opened and dozens of hours being used to fulfil my need of nostalgia and entertainment.

Bring it on.


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