Saturday, 21 July 2012

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Having played Pokémon to the point at which I'm happy that I have a head start during my holiday, I've started to play Deus Ex: Human Revolution again. I say again as I got it for Christmas, played it for an hour, thought it wasn't for me and left it to gather dust with dozens of other games. I got it out a couple of days ago and started again with an intention of getting as far as possible before the holiday; and I bloody love it!

If I was to use some sort of comparison, think Skyrim meets Blade Runner with the a bit of Splinter Cell: Conviction thrown in for good measure... and it works too. It's story is based on "augmentations" that you, the main character, uses to "level up" and get stronger. Using augmentations is the controversial issue of the day with 1950s' USA style segregation of "AUGS ENTER FROM THE BACK" and just a general air of racism towards people who have altered their bodies. The plot is that you're a security guard following orders from the CEO of the company that makes the augmentations and you're trying to get information (and eventually justice) about an attack on the company 6 months ago.

The great thing about Deus Ex is that there is no set path; you can choose your way through the game. Your attack style and augmentations are all up to you to decide from stealthy and unseen (taking enemies out with melee while cloaked) to gun-toting and headstrong (rushing in and killing everyone before they know what hit them)... I'm the latter.

It's certainly very enjoyable and I long to play as much as possible. Also, it's dirt-cheap these days and I would heartily recommend it to anyone that enjoyed the freedom of Skyrim or the sci-fi/punk feel of Blade Runner.

As with most of Deus Ex: Human Revolution; it's up to you.


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