Monday, 23 July 2012

Cool YouTube Users: Maxmoefoe

As I'm going away on holiday tomorrow, there won't be many posts over the next two weeks. On the plus side; Maxmoefoe! This YouTuber's speciality is prank calls "every f**ing thursday" with a mail show on Sundays, and as of today, Mondays. I was brought the attention of Max and his pranks when one of his videos was posted on Facebook and I subscribed a few days later due to the quality of the trolling he does. One of the videos includes him claiming he had bought a diet coke and someone had "jizzed" in it... Yeah...

The main reason I like him thought is that he's very down to earth. He knows he's not incredibly famous on YouTube and yet he still replies often on videos and takes comments from viewers as ideas for pranks... It's cool that he does it.

Still, no YouTube for a couple of weeks. :(


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