Sunday, 22 April 2012


Skyrim was undoubtedly my favourite game of last year and one of my favourite of all time, too. After putting in over 350 hours on Skyrim, I have decided that I need a new RPG for this year. And so far they have been coming thick and fast. So far there has been The Witcher 2 and Kingdoms of Amular which look alright but the one I have been anticipating as this year's RPG is Dragon's Dogma.

Set in a world quite a bit smaller than Skyrim but with a whole lot of charm, it oozes reasons to buy it. The Pawn system looks great (basically Skyrim followers but with a lot more customisation) and the combat looks cool with new ideas that look fun to play.

Come May 25th, it will be the game I'll be playing and I'll put a review on here, too. I look forward to it.


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