Saturday, 14 July 2012


About 6 months ago I bought BF2 after thoroughly enjoying BF: Bad Company but I didn't really play it that much; just completing the campaign and getting to about level 5 in multi-player. After a bit of stressful week, I decided that a release would be good in the form of BF2. The reason for this is that it fuels adrenaline rushes that I hardly experience and it feels so good to "kill" an @$$&**£ that has been sniping me for the last 15 minutes. The result is that I'm quite addicted to it with several hours everyday being dedicated to being awesome at the Engineer class or trying to level up the other classes. Either way, I usually have a lot of fun playing and may even get BF3 at some point in the future... I am really behind the times. xD


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