Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cool Youtube Users: RoosterTeeth

After being on Youtube for several years, I was shown by a friend the marvels of the channel of RoosterTeeth. Set in Texas, USA the Youtube gaming channel releases dozens of videos every week that are extremely entertaining due to the people that narrate/play the video.

Jack, Geoff and Michael all have their strengths ( Jack - badass at games, Geoff - has a laugh that can cure cancer and Michael is funny to listen to) and weaknesses (Jack - boring, Geoff - not that good at videogames and Michael - rages and swears at almost anything) but my favourite RoosterTooth has to be Gavin (from the Slow Mo Guys). Gavin is British (+1 already!) and is the troller of the team with a mission to take the piss out of Michael and to beat Jack. He's also great at videogames such as AC:R and Trials: Evolution and has a bromance with Geoff.

The reason I love their videos is due to the fact that I can have never played the game they are talking about yet I find the video entertaining... it is a skill that many other Youtubers have tried and failed to accomplish.

They're also as funny as hell.


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